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Where are the motors designed & manufactured?

Designed in Germany, manufactured in China and assembled in Australia

What is a fan's estimated lifespan?

This  is very dependent of the installation environment, usage and maintenance programs however based on construction you could assume somewhere between 7 to 10 years


What are the fans made out of?

The blades of the fan are made of aircraft grade aluminium the motors, gearboxes and drive equipment a mix of high tensile steal and cast iron

What level of noise do the fans create?

This is dependent on environment and speed as the lager fans rotate so slowly they create next to zero wind noise and because of the speed nearly zero motor noise.

What's included in the warranty?

The entire kit is included in the warranty, the only item which will effect the warranty is poor or incorrect installation.

How long is the standard warranty?

5 years. 3 years of which are on-site warranty (if registered)

What locations are the fans best suited to?

This is very much dependent on the fan, but they work by driving the air around you making you feel the air on all side of your body as you pass near, so great in high humidity areas and areas where there is little to no airflow, these high volume fans can create a cool environment no matter where they are installed.